Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: We do not want to touch public surfaces with our hands. Just 6 months ago, our world looked very different from how it does today. When the coronavirus started to change the world, we all became more anxious. We started to take measures. We all washed our hands more than in the past, we maintained distance between people, we started to cover our mouth, nose, and face, we avoid touching public surfaces.

The Idea of making an interface between our hands and public surfaces came immediately to our mind. We started to look for materials which can be used for such a purpose. That material needed to be antimicrobial, light and easy to found…

After weeks of research we found the best material for Hygienic Key, which is COPPER. We were fascinated by its inherent antimicrobial features. We learnt; due to its antimicrobial structure it had used in the past a lot in our daily lives however Copper became less popular as it is quite expensive.

We though it is time to get this material back, because for us Health is first!

We made several designs and gave our products to our family’s friends and to the people close to us. They used Hygienic Key several weeks and shared their comments.

Based on their comments and feedbacks Hygienic Key is updated to its current design.

We are proud of the fact that Hygienic Key is shipped to more than 15 countries worldwide.